Understanding Dry Needling’s Benefits

People who seek relief from pain in their muscles are increasingly turning to dry needling. For the treatment of various medical conditions, filiform needles can be used to release trigger points. These include muscle spasms and headaches, tennis elbow, nerve pain, myofascial pain, and nerve pain.

Although dry needling and acupuncture may be confused, they are very different in function and purpose. It is a Western cultural approach, while acupuncture is a Chinese/Asian medical tradition.

This term is used to describe non-injection needling. Hypodermic needles can be used for injection needling to inject drugs or other agents, such as saline or painkillers, into specific tissues. Dry needling, on the other hand, uses needles that provide therapeutic effects when they are directed into the tissues. This treatment uses fine filament needles that are similar to those used for acupuncture.

What is the process?

Dry needling involves inserting fine filament needles into trigger points. These trigger points can be found in various muscles throughout the body and respond to a specific point. When a needle is inserted, these trigger points release tension in the muscles and help to relieve pain. You can also induce relaxation by applying pressure to specific pressure points.

What is the basic difference between dry needling and acupuncture?

Although dry needling and acupuncture have distinct practices, the same types of needles can be used in both. In acupuncture, needles are inserted in the body’s energy channels according to traditional Chinese principles. These channels can be stimulated to improve or alter the energy flow.

This process is based on scientific research, western medicine practices, and pathophysiology. The needles are placed in the trigger points of the ligaments and muscles of the human body. This results in the reduction of muscle tension and the decrease of pain in a particular area.

The benefits of treatment

Dry needling is usually very rewarding. However, results may vary from one patient to another. These are the main benefits of dry needling:

– The person must experience less pain than with other manual treatments.

Dry needling causes less soreness than other manual treatments.

The total treatment process requires fewer sessions.

It can provide permanent relief from pain.

It can help to rejuvenate muscles that aren’t working well due to injuries.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment won’t hurt much if the body’s muscles are healthy. In some cases, the needle may not feel any pain. In rare cases, however, the patient may feel a slight pinch, an aching sensation, or a tingling sensation.

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