Don’t Let Your Car Make You Sick

Did you ever think about how the air circulates in your car in Alma, MI? While you know the dashboard is dusty and the mats collect any dirt that your shoes have tracked in, did you realize that your car’s air circulation also affects your health?

You could be inhaling coliform bacteria you have tracked onto the floor mats. There could also be a variety of bacteria growing in food spills and mold spores in those damp areas.

There are many jokes about families with kids and how many cookies, crackers, carrot sticks, french fries, etc. they eat. you’ve fallen on the floor or behind the seats. This joke is not funny. Each of these items can be used as a mold and bacteria factory.

The dashboard of your car is a prime spot for the growth of everything you don’t need or want. Make sure to wipe it down regularly with disinfectant and spray the vents with disinfectant spray.

This is particularly important during allergy season when pollen can be sucked into your car’s air intake and circulated around the car. It settles on the dashboard.

What about the seat covers? You should consider the possibility of bacteria landing on your car seats if you have small children or pets along on your travels. While your children may be okay with dog hair, they might not like the bacteria from their dogs landing on the seat covers.

The change covers often and washes them in the laundry with a Car Disinfectant Alma MI.

Next, clean your floor mats every week and spray or wash them with disinfectant. They don’t need to be cleaned in summer or if they are paved. However, if you looked at your floor mats through a microscope you would find bacteria and mold.

How about the steering wheel?

Consider how many surfaces you touch while shopping. You’ll find the handle of your grocery cart if you have purchased groceries. Also, any merchandise that you took home and examined.

You can push the door open in some shops to enter or exit. Then there’s the money. Money is said to be the dirtiest object you can touch. However, most people touch it every day without thinking about how they could get sick.

Other people’s germs and bacteria are not yours. When you return to your car, grab a disinfecting wipe and use it on your steering wheel.

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