October 2007: Eggs from Finland available in Latvia with Happy Feet toys


September 2007: Funny Students in Latvia

Some bad news for bpz collectors, it seems this season bpz from the main set are neutral only (without any text) as they are in some countries of East Europe. Rumors were right!


March 2007: popular DreamWorks cartoon heroes by Nepal

Over the Hedge and Flushed Away sets in Latvia


March 2007: Zaini Winnie the Pooh autumn set in Latvia


March 2007:


I get numerous mails concerning the new BPZ from Magic Sport

We don't have this bpz (it belongs to Russia) and we never had Magic Sport set in Latvia.

You got incorrect news!


December 2006: new set by Ravensberger

Kapt'n Kuck in Afrika

                                  in such yogurts


October 2006: Koalas (Kuchenmeister) -

Ritter und Prinzessinnen auf Schloss Barenburg



This cute boxes on 3egg with Latvian text are for trade as well...


Since September 2006 Magic Lessons set has arrived to Latvia!!

Bpz from Magic Lesson has text in Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian.
Other sets don't have any text
NB. All bpz are without Magic Code sign



June 2006: Ice Age 2 from Nepal


May 2006: Arctic Collection from Mondesir

new rear set has come to Latvia.


April 2006: 5 Zaini sets available

for double figures check the trade list


Since September 2005 Monster Hotel is in Latvia!!!

I offer Monster Hotel figures, other figures, promo material and bpz from 2005-06 collection.

Note: bpz in Latvia doesn't have a magic code sign!

Monster Hotel bpz with Latvian/Estonian/Lithuanian text

West Europe Monster Hotel neutral bpz (Doesn't have a magic code!)

Monster Hotel plastic toys

Winter Season 2005-06

Christmas Elves finally came here...

This cute boxes on 3egg with Latvian text are for trade as well...